Seven Totally Random Things That Are Awesome

I’ve been nominated for a minor award! The very awesome Jami Gray bestowed the One Lovely Blog Award to me and I’m ever so grateful. So grateful in fact, I had to accept her tagging challenge and continue the long-standing tradition. The object of the game is to list seven things about yourself then nominate other bloggers for the award.

At first I thought I would list my seven favorite movies but then everyone knows what a movie freak I am so that’s really not interesting. Then I thought about listing my favorite accessories but that’s a pretty short list and everyone knows I’m a shoes and handbags addict. And then I thought what if I talked about something writing related? And immediately decided nah. That’s boring

Okay, so what’s left? I pondered this for a bit and finally came up with something. I decided to do Seven Totally Random Things I Love That Are Awesome.

And they are. Awesome that is. So here we go.

1. Popup Books. I was lying in bed the other night looking at my crammed bookcase and I spotted the popup books. I totally admit this: I adore popup books. I mean there is some serious love there. I could look at them all freaking day. And they never not (yes, I know that was a double negative and totally improper grammar but I’m not writing a novel here) delight me when I turn the page and a new thing pops up. The running joke with my sis-in-law was every Christmas I got a popup book. I have Disney Princesses and Fairies. If you give me a popup book, I will be your best friend FOREVER. I better get one for Christmas, just sayin’.

2. Fantasy Art. This is somewhat of an obsession with me. I have discovered the wonderful Deviant Art website and this really cool page on Facebook called Fantasy Art Addiction. These artists who draw fantasy art astound me. I could spend—and have spent—hours looking at all the art and combing through the Deviant Art website look for things. If you follow me on Facebook or Pinterest, then you know this already about me. I try to post a new fantasy art picture every day. Mostly because I’m already there looking at the art. It’s a feast for the eyes. And joy for my soul and I totally, utterly adore it.

3. Fairies and Angels. Yes, I know this could fall under the “Fantasy Art” category but I have a special love for fairies and angels. You’ll probably see lots and lots of fairies and angels on my Pinterest board. It’s an obsession really. I have not begun to be fully obsessed by them yet. Just wait until I start bringing home artwork and awesome things from Scarborough Faire (don’t tell my husband). My next cross-stitch project will be a fairy with gossamer wings sitting on a concrete ledge surrounded by moonlight. It’s breathtaking. I can’t wait to get started.

4. Brighton Charms. Oh my stars. SERIOUS love here. My husband deemed last Christmas as “Accessory Christmas.” He made the grave error of purchasing me a Brighton charm bracelet with charms and beads that you can customize. OH! I’m in love. Since last Christmas, I have spent, uh, we won’t talk about that. Suffice to say I’ve spent a small fortune on new beads and charms for my lovely bracelet. I have a wish list on Brighton, too (hint hint) for future purchases.

5. Man Candy. Don’t judge. I like looking at half-nekkid pictures of men. I have a fine appreciation for a well-tone male physique. And hairy chests. Yes, I have a board on Pinterest for Man Candy, too. (Curse you Pinterest for being so fun and joyful.) My niece and I share a board where we can pin hotties to our hearts’ content. Good times.

6. Cookies and Cupcakes. I don’t think an explanation is necessary.

7. Books and Electronic Gadgets. These are two totally unrelated things but there is a method to the madness and why I lumped them together. You see, in my town, Best Buy is next door to Barnes & Noble. It’s heavenly really. Not only can I go into Best Buy and sniff electronics and pet the iPads, but I can also go to the bookstore and sniff the books and the coffee. They both give me an unnatural high. What can I say? I’m weird like that. I love walking into both stores and browsing for hours upon hours. In the bookstore, I like to see what’s new on the Romance and Sci-Fi/Fantasy shelves. In Best Buy, I like to drool over the iPads and the appliances. And the husband likes both stores, too. It’s win-win!

Okay, there’s my list. And now I’m gonna tag the following:

Can’t wait to read your lists!

By Michelle

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