Sex and the City: The Movie

All the reviews were right – it really IS the best chick-flick EVER. Remember how great the show was? The movie is as good or better than the show was at its best. And that’s saying a lot. No wonder it made $56 million it’s opening weekend! I thorougly LOVED the movie. There were several laugh out loud moments – one so much so that I wept I laughed so hard. This will be a keeper on my DVD shelf for sure.

I’m all packed up and ready to go. I have snacks and enough clothes to last three days (even though I’m only going for one night – haha). I packed toys and the Gameboy for the kiddo. I already put gas in the car ($47 – ouch). And now I’m just waiting on my child to show up before we hit the road.

It’s cloud today – very humid and very hot. BLAH! You know it’s humid when you step out of the shower and start to sweat. I hate that. But such is the way of Texas.

I’ll be offline until tomorrow afternoon – so happy weekend all!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.