Shiny Pretty

I can’t believe the long holiday weekend is already over. How sad is that? It was a nice one, though.

Thursday I spent the day at my mom’s with my sisters and brother and their spouses and kids. Now that most of the kids are grown up, things are a little different than years past. At least the Sweetie Boy had a cousin his age to play with. He and Z got along great.

Friday we put up all the Christmas decor. Sweetie Boy helped. I was amazed at how sore I was the next day. I hung up a lighted garland around the front door and put out my yard art. It looks great. Next year maybe I can get lights up on the house. Anyway, we just hung out at the house on Friday and didn’t do much of anything. I let the baby boy play games and watch cartoons.

Saturday came and he went back with his dad. I puttered around the house wondering what to do with myself. I watched Lord of the Rings and then started some laundry. Exciting, eh? Then I got to work on Take Me I’m Yours. I wrote about 5000 words this weekend. Felt good. I’m nearing the 24,000 mark. So close, yet so far still. I won’t make the 50k but that’s all right. I’ll at least finish the book.

Anyhoo… as I’m sitting at the computer writing, I keep hearing these noises in the living room. So I finally get up and it turns out the Cat Cat has decided that all the shiny pretty things on the tree belong to him. I’ve had a time keeping him out of the tree. And then of course, I wrapped some presents to the Shiny Pretty bows on top belong to him too. After kicking his butt (and putting all the balls higher on the tree), he gave up for the day. He sat beside me in the office while I wrote and drank an entire pot of coffee all by myself.

I woke up at 7 on Sunday morning still thinking about the book and got up, made another pot of coffee, turned on the satellite hard rock radio station and got to work. It seems I can work really well with all that music playing. For some reason it keeps me focused.  I wrote for a couple of hours and then yakked on the phone to Sysenlaw.

Later that day, a good friend came and picked me up and we went to the mall. I know, crazy right? But the mall we went to wasn’t all that packed. And he did the driving in the crummy weather so it was all good. 😀 We walked around for about four hours, had lunch, chatting, and just had a really great time. Then we went to the bookstore – a favorite place for both of us – and browsed a little. And then it was off to Pottery Barn because I’d never been in one. They had LOTS of shiny pretties! Anyway, we picked out furniture and he did the math in his head on how much we’d be spending. They had these awesome bookshelves I was salivating to have.

So he took me home shortly after that and by the time he left it was after 7 and I cooked a pot of potato soup and watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.

And then it was time for bed. How come those four days went by so durn fast?

Oh well. At least I got some time off to spend with my sweet boy. And now it’s back to the grind. Blah!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.