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It’s here! Today is the day!

The Scruffy Dog Review goes online officially today! You can check out the debut issue here. Thanks to Brenda for all her hard work on launching this really cool new site. Everyone needs to check it out.

Also, Samhain Publishing officially goes online with book sales today. Check them out here.

It’s a big day for launches, I suppose.

I started the year off just right yesterday by having a cupcake and a cup of coffee for breakfast. What the hell? You only live once, right? Then it was off and running for the day. Sweetie Boy and I headed to Target where I spent all of my gift card(s) on miscellaneous crap I probably don’t need. After heading home, unloading the car, I then made lunch plans with a dear friend. It was off to Chick-Fil-A for the kiddo (he loves that place), dropped him off at the sitter, and then a Mexican joint for me. I ate light – a chicken fajita salad and it was yum.

After lunch, it was back to the sitter, pick up the kid and on to the mall which a quick excursion to DSW Shoes. I think I spent nearly an hour in there looking at everything. My poor child was exceedingly bored. I found a pair I could almost not live without – Stuart Weitzman – but I couldn’t bring myself to pay the money for them ($170). Even though they were a discount price, I just couldn’t do it. I figured I’d head to the mall and see what I could find there.

I was looking for a pair of chocolate brown pumps. Apparently, there is no such creature in existence. I must have hit every shoe store in the mall (and a couple of department stores). Now, when you’re four and you’re a boy, shoe shopping with Mom is BO-RING. Poor thing. He was so good though. Then I hit Victoria’s Secret. They had their cotton briefs on sale for 5 for $25. I couldn’t pass up that deal because I LOVE their cotton briefs. After searching the bins for just the right size/color/shape (and my child opening and closing every drawer within reach), I got in a VERY long line. Keeping him under control while I waited to buy panties was just more than either one of us could stand.

Afterwards, we headed back to Penney’s where I ended up buying a new outfit or two and stood in line AGAIN. By the time we left there and were headed to the car, little boy said, “I’m tired. My feet are hurting.” Poor guy. I wore him out!

He was nearly asleep in the car by the time I got home at around 3:45. He parked in front of the TV and then I promised him he could ride his bike before it got dark. So off we went around the block. When we got home, it wasn’t long after Husband showed up and I started dinner.

It was an exhausting day and I looked forward to my hour and a half of Sex and the City (hey I’m in Season Three!). Stayed up until 11 watching that show but I saw my all time favorite episode (where Samantha has to take the AIDS test – it cracks me up).

Hopefully I will get some writing done today. Hopefully. It’s my new resolution and I have to do it. I want to sell two more times this year. That’s the goal anyway.

Okay.. off to work!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.