Shopping Spree

So this weekend, I threw caution to the wind and decided to buy myself some new clothes. I can’t remember the last time I went and shopped for myself with reckless abandon. And it was reckless too.

I bought two new outfits for work. Slacks, jacket and shirts. This was after purchasing new jeans and t-shirts for the boy. I started feeling that shopping twitch that I needed to spend for myself. So it was off to the ladies department I went. The husband and kid headed through the mall so hubby could get coffee. I snuck off to the Coach store to pat the new Spring line. And it’s gorgeous, let me tell you.

See, the thing about Coach is…I’m a loyal customer. I luuuuuuuuuuuuurve me some Coach bags. Before I remarried, when I was newly divorced, I walked into the Coach store palming my Visa card. I decided to give myself something that I thought I deserved–a brand new Coach bag. I was hooked from that very moment on. I think I own about ten or so nowadays. I put myself on a shopping hiatus for a while.

Anyway…all that to say I went into the Coach, picked up the Madison Phoebe and instantly fell in love. There is just something about having an Italian handmade leather handbag in your hands. I met a lovely sales lady who was more than happy to chat me up about the bag. I took it off the holder and I’m almost embarrassed to say…I sniffed it. The girl laughed and so did I but we both agreed there is nothing better than sniffing a Coach bag.

I told her I had the Preferred Customer Event card (which gives me 25 percent off my total purchase) and she told me she would be more than happy to hold the bag for me… oh, the temptation…

So after chatting with the sales lady in the Coach store, I headed back to meet the husband and kiddo. Only I got sidetracked by Sephora. I mean, I can’t really ignore it can it? Especially when they have the thing I needed… like the Urban Decay mascara. And the primer potion (that stuff rocks). I figured while I was there I should go ahead and replace some of the shadow I was out of.

They were completely out of Sin so I had to settle for Virgin. 😀 These are some of the prettiest colors and are featured on the Naked palette. In case you’re not familiar. The lady at the store was more than happy to let me know when Sin was in (*giggle*).

And then I met up with the guys, my wallet lighter but a spring in my step. There is something therapeutic about shopping and spending money.

We got home, I unloaded the stuff and then the kid said he needed pencils. So the shopping spree continued at Staples. Got him pencils, spiral notebook, pocket calendar and a wall calendar for the hubby.

All in all…a great Saturday. 🙂

By Michelle

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