Shower Troubles

So. Yesterday as I was in the middle of my shower, I hear a “thump” and then the water pressure disappears in the showerhead. The good news: I had already washed and rinsed my hair; the bad news: I was covered with soap and it took forever to get rinsed.

The really bad news: The showerhead leaked like crazy.

It was literally pouring water out of the stupid thing. I managed to get it shut off to a trickle but it’s still leaking.

Last night, Man bought me a new showerhead and installed it. It works much better than the POS old one and I actually have some pressure now. However, it still drips like crazy. So I called the handyman to come see what he can do about it.

It’s never good timing when stuff like that happens but I guess that’s the price of homeownership. Right?

Oh well.

Today is “western day” at school, so Kiddo calls me on Tuesday night to tell me he wants boots and a shirt, a hat and a bandana. Because I’m a softie, I told him I’d find him some boots. I went out at lunch yesterday and found him a decent western-y shirt at Target for $10 then headed to Payless. They had no boys boots. When I got back to the office, I started calling around to different stores. I finally found a pair at the 4th store I called and they had ONE in his size. I had them hold it for me.

I dashed from work, picked up the boots, then went to pick up the kiddo. We hurried home and I got him dressed for soccer practice and then I whipped up a meatloaf to cook when I got back. We headed to practice, then afterward ran by the store becuase I was out of ketchup. Got home, threw the meatloaf in the microwave and Man showed up. While I cooking dinner and talking to Man, I made Kiddo do his homework. He was so enamored with his new boots, he put them on and clomped around the house.

Finally got him settled down, his homework done and in the tub while Man went to Lowe’s for the new showerhead. By the time he got back, Kiddo was out of the tub and playing in his room for a bit while I finished the laundry and put it up and Man put on the new showerhead.

It was a very hectic evening.

At least I have more good news: I finally got a new desk chair! WOOHOO! It’s great. Comfy. Doesn’t hurt the back. I can actually sit for long periods at the computer without my bum going numb.

And that’s it for me. Tonight I hope it’s a little more…calm around the house. hehe

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.