Shushi, Book Count and Karaoke

Last night was a hoot. One of my chaptermates volunteered to pack up after the literacy signing, so as we waited for her we scavenged the tables for author copies. However, before that we tried to eat at Todd English’s restaurant which was a 40 minute wait. We had drinks at the bar which were not very good. The mojito tasted like it had cilantro and the cosmopolitan tasted very sourish. Ick.

We once we were done scavenging – hehe – we decided to find some dinner. Originally we were going to the Broadwalk but ended up at the Swan Hotel at a sushi/karaoke bar.

TOTALLY FUN. We ate sushi (my FIRST experience – loved it!), we drank these sangria/sake/plum wine thingie of which I had three. It was tastalicious. Three of us got up and sang a couple of times. Yes, I admit it. I karaoked. But we had a blast. And didn’t leave the bar until the wee hours of the morning.

Got back to the room and, of course, everything was hysterical (and hence the word Shushi was made up). My roommate (who is a hoot) and I chatted and finally decided to get up early to get going for today.

Let me tell you – 6:30 comes fast on the East Coast. 😉 I was still a little woozy from the night before. But I managed to drag myself up, shower and get dressed. One of my chaptermates and I headed off to the Samhain breakfast where were me a really nice lady who just sold to Samhain, Ellora’s Cave and Harlequin Blaze. Oh and did I mention she’s a Golden Heart finalists? She’s was a pleasure to talk to.

Today was the Annual General Meeting, and then later the keynote with Nora Roberts. Really looking forward to that. Then workshops all afternoon and then tonight the Passionate Ink where I’ll find out where I placed in the Stroke of Midnight. WHEE!

Now for the book count: I”m at 15 so far and it’s only Day 2. Thank goodness I can ship home.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.