Sigh…It’s Monday. Again.

It’d like to lodge a formal complaint: The weekends go too fast!

I spent Friday night alone, which wasn’t all that much fun. I’ve gotten used to having a constant companion of some sort – the Man or the Kid. But the Man was still on vacation and the Kid was at his dad’s. So I researched. For two hours. I took notes. I searched for information and I have a really great foundation for the new book. I’m about 5000 words in.

Got up early Saturday morning for the first soccer game of the season. We won! And the boys played great. Then I ran errands. To the library, to Best Buy, to the store, Bed Bath and Beyond. Lots of things to do. Since I knew Man was coming home that day, I got home and cleaned house. I discovered this great stuff – Comet Spray Gel – for my nasty shower. And WOW! That stuff really works. I ran out of energy and was tired of breathing the fumes, but one wall is glistening. I’ll have to go back and scrub the others. I bought one of those shampoo/conditioner dispensers you hang on the shower wall and put that up. It’s awesome by the way. I love it! And it was well worth the $30. I’m thinking if I can get the nasty shower clean, then I won’t have to replace the whole thing like I originally thought. Which will save me about $3000. It just means lots of elbow grease and sweat. I can do that.

Man made it hom finally about 8:30 that night and we stayed up until nearly midnight. He told me all about his trip and brought me a little stuffed black cat from Salem, Massachusetts. It is, of course, wearing a witch hat. 😉 I also got a mini replica of the St. Louis Arch. Too cool. It was nice to see him after 7 days.

Sunday – My sweetie boy’s birthday! I can’t believe he’s 8. That went so fast! Seems like yesterday he was born and small. Now he’s big and he says things like, “MOM, these people just don’t understand what I’m saying sometimes.” Which cracks me up. And he’s in 3rd grade! And a future gamer, much to my dismay. I try to steer him off of that but he’s stubborn. Wonder where he gets that? 😉

Man and I got up early and ran errands. More errands! He needed new shows and I needed toner and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. Came home, hung out. Kiddo came to the hose around 4 and we had dinner and he opened presents. It was a nice evening. And not nearly long enough for my taste.

And now…Monday. Back to the same ole/same ole. Hopefully I’ll get more work done on the new book. I really need to sit and think about a decent plot and try to get something sketched out before I get too much further. Very pleased with chapter 1, though.

Off to work!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.