Six Sentence Sunday for May 5, 2012

Hi, everyone! Today I’m pleased to participate in Six Sentence Sunday with a little snippet from the book I just finished. ONLY FOR A KNIGHT is the sequel to ONE KNIGHT ONLY and is inching closer to submission (still in final edits). (And okay I fudged and it’s a tad longer than six sentences… but you’ll forgive me right?)

“You’d what? Turn back time? Tell your past selves that this Kieran was planning to attack the Seelie Court?” Maggie shook her head. “If he’s truly planned for years, there is nothing you could do to stop it. This is the way things have to be. Just like it’s the way things have to be for me to be here.”

“You should go home, Maggie. You and Finn and Sir Drake. My world has changed and not for the better. My world is broken.”

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.