Slept In

After staying up into the wee hours last night talking with My Guy on the phone (he was closing the restaurant last night), I crashed and slept until 9. It was glorious!

The baby seems to have gotten hold of some bad food. Poor thing was sick last night. After he threw up, I asked him if he was all right and felt better. He said he felt completely normal. haha He sipped some water and then went to bed and crashed hard. He didn’t even wake up until nearly 9. He’s been complaining off and on of a stomach ache so I’m wondering what’s up. He’s not running a fever or anything so I’m just going to monitor him.

The thing is, we’re going to a friend’s house today to visit and watch the Texas-OU game. Okay I’m SO not a college football fan but there’s going to be lots of people there I haven’t seen in a while and I’m looking forward to it. I hope the baby is okay. It’s about an hour drive from here so if I go, there’s no turning around and coming right home. I’m there for the duration.

I also need to go buy and visit my mom. Maybe I can swing by there on the way home or something.

Anyway, we ran some errands this morning. Tomorrow morning I’ve got to get to the grocery store and then I think I’m going to make that pork roast for dinner.

Gotta put laundry in the dryer. I love my house! Oh and I took pictures. I’ll post soon.

By Michelle

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