Slept In

The baby and I got up around 9. It was greatness. I needed the sleep and even though I really don’t like sleeping so late, it was necessary. I feel recharged and surprisingly well-rested. Now I’m baking cinnamon rolls and the entire place smells like them. Yum!

We watched the movie Zathura last night. It was cute and definitely a kid movie. Sweetie Boy loved it. He reenacted the movie after it was over. Then when he was in the bathtub, he thought it’d be really funny to show me his butt. :plain:

Since I’ve been kind of stuck on Nice Girls Do lately, I sat down last night and started writing something different. Something very new and totally unrelated to my contemporary series. This is the first line that came to me:

The explosion rocked the small house, rattling the rafters overhead.

And suddenly the story took off. I wrote seven pages. Mainly just freewriting nonsense and nothing really all that great. But it was great to get it out, sort of allowing the muse to stretch her legs and do something different. The story that came out was another Skye and Dane story. I missed him. And sometimes I really miss writing the adventure story.

Which got me thinking (always a bad thing). Maybe I could do another adventure story with fun characters. I have no idea what it’d be or who would be my players. But just writing the adventure is so much fun. It’s something to keep in the back of my mind for sure.

Not much planned today. We’re going to take it easy. Post office and then we’re going to Brother’s house for dinner. Then home and tomorrow I have a 2 pm appointment. More on that later.

Happy Saturday!

By Michelle

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