Smack Down

OooOoO… Friday the 13th. Creepy!

So last night… I cooked dinner. (Please hold all applause until the very end. Thanks.) Now, I didn’t do anything fancy. One of those Campbell’s Supper Bakes – I love those things. It’s a full meal and all you do is add fresh chicken. Okay, so I’m no culinary whiz, but at least it gets food on the table. Right?

Anyway… I make my favorite garlic bread. It’s frozen and you just pop it in the toaster until the butter is all melted. YUM (I’m a fan of ready-made meals…) My child decided to have a tantrum at the dinner table. Probably because he was hungry and tired and couldn’t figure out how to handle himself. He’d shove his plate away and refuse to eat, whine and pout and just be a little turd. Can you tell I was in no mood for that sort of behavior? Husband kept trying to find out what was wrong with him. I’m sorry – but a 4 year old is not going to know what’s up. I told him to ignore the little whinny butt. We do and Sweetie Boy starts eating dinner finally. Of course he gets in a better mood after that.

So… I’m cleaning up and Sweetie Boy is still eating. He eats his bread from the inside out – don’t ask. It’s a talent only a child can do. He accidentally dropped part of the crust on the floor. Being Mom, I walk over and reach down to pick it up and… whack the SHIT out of my forehead on the chair. Luckily, I didn’t see stars. But the first thing out of my mouth was this:


And that’s as far as I got. Since my child was right there, and he picks up things very easily, I couldn’t use the string of expletives I really wanted to use. I bent over, holding my head and squeezing away the tears that suddenly formed in my eyes.

So here I am – thirty-plus years old and I have a FREAKING lump on my forehead. Why is it, when you get old, it totally BLOWS to get hurt?


I did more work on the Winter Rose contest last night. Getting entries logged, entries received, and sending out notifications. I’ll have more today since the deadline is quickly approaching. I’m wondering if the Merritt received my entry form and check…I’m ready to send in my submission. I need to find more contests to enter. I think the rewrite is really good this time, and I’m dying to get it out there and see how it does.

As for NGD…I’m working on it! Slowly but surely. I’m getting there. I’ve got to make major progress very soon, though.

And at work – I’m getting my wall on Tuesday! Okay that sounds kind of weird. When the office was renovated, we got new cubies. They failed to put back the wall between me and the lady who sits next to me. So we had no overhead storage at all. Anyway – we are finally getting that wall installed and I will AT LAST have my overhead storage for all the crap that’s been residing on the floor behind my desk and all over my desk. The downfall is we have to pack up our ENTIRE desk as if we were moving. What a pain!

All right – carry on, folks. I’m off to do…whatever it is I do.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.