Snippet Sunday for May 19, 2013


I know… I was doing “Six Sentence Sunday” but let’s face it. I’m just too verbose for that!

Here’s a little snippet from ONE KNIGHT ONLY, Book 1 in the Realm of Honor series:

Now that the adrenaline rush was over, Maggie thought she would collapse at any moment. Every muscle in her body felt as though it had turned to mush. Her hands still shook and her heart still stuttered in her chest. Once they were out of the lists, Geoffrey helped her down from the horse.

Elyne grasped her arm, holding her steady as she limped away from the lists. Her victory was short-lived, though.

“Sir Finian,” Lord Litonshire shouted in his nasal voice.

Maggie’s heart nearly stopped. Hadn’t she enough fear for one day? She turned to face him as he can running from the lists. “Crap.”

“Just what we need,” Elyne muttered.

“Can’t you use a Jedi mind trick on him?” Maggie asked.

“A what?”

“I suppose not.”

“Just don’t talk to him. I still have your glamour up.”

Before Maggie could ask how she was supposed to do that, Litonshire stopped in front of them. He looked her up and down, as though he didn’t believe the sight before his eyes.

“How did you do it?” he demanded.

Elyne placed her hand on Maggie’s arm as she shrugged.

“Sir Finian is feeling much better,” Elyne said.

The earl’s beady eyes swung from Maggie to Elyne and back again. “I thought you were too ill to ride.”

“He persevered, my lord,” Elyne answered.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.