Snippet Sunday for May 26, 2013


Today’s snippet is from my re-release of Take Me I’m Yours!

“Aren’t you going to an awful lot of trouble for a faked run-in?” Delilah gave her a once over as she stood behind her.

Delilah was dressed to kill in her best Chanel black dress and Christian Louboutin satin pink four-inch heels. She completed the outfit by carrying her favorite Prada handbag. She wore a simple string of pearls and no earrings and all that strawberry blonde hair hung in gorgeous silky waves over her shoulders.

She was stunning.

“How come you always look better than me?” Marion complained.

Compared to Delilah, Marion was a low-end fashion diva. While she loved shoes and clothes as much as her best friend, she could never bring herself to spend five hundred dollars on a pair of shoes or a handbag. She chose her bargains wisely.

“I tried to loan you my Dolce and Gabbana dress but you wouldn’t have it.”

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.