The boys lost their soccer game today. But tis okay. There’s always next week!

I renewed my Home Warranty and I feel good knowing I have that protection. Now, you just go head and DIE A/C. I DARE YOU. haha

If only the home warranty covered a brand new bathroom…

Anyway… I decided to install The Sims game tonight and me and the boy had a blast playing it. Well, mostly HE played. And he killed poor Mortimer in a house fire. The Grim Reaper showed up and put Mortimer in an urn. He is survived by wife Bella and oh I can’t think of his kid’s name. They would stand at the urn and weep. It kinda cracks me up now that I think of it.


I changed my MySpace layout. It’s way sexier than it was before.

You can check that out here!

Happy Saturday!

By Michelle

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