I get a message that WordPress 2.7 is available for download. And since I’m anal, I know I’ll want to go ahead and upgrade.

I have to say… I HATE IT. The dashboard is totally different and it freaks me out. I have to relearn where everything is and it ticks me off. It’s just like when Office 2007 came out. I had to learn that all over again!

I detest learning things all over again.

Anyway. TGIF!

I went to Target yesterday at lunch and wrapped up my Christmas shopping. I’m done! I think. LOL I got my niece and nephew a little something and naturally, I spent more money on my child that I probably didn’t need to spend. He had been asking for gloves, though, so I got a pair of those. Then I found some fleece foot-y pjs for him and got him that. And THEN I found the Star Wars Battlepack with R2-D2, C3PO, Obi-Wan and Luke Skywalker and it’s called “Training on the Milennium Falcon” and well since I got him the giant Milennium Falcon for Christmas (which is really for ME), I thought that would be appropriate. 😀

And WHY are Hannah Montana dolls way more expensive that Barbie?

Got home last night and I didn’t dare cook dinner after the previous night’s fiasco. We went ot McDonald’s instead. I’m a bad mom. After dinner I did something I rarely do – I turned OFF the TV. The kiddo read is assignment for school, then did his math and by that time it was time for bath and bed.

Then I piddled in front of the computer for a while and made this. It’s the blog for my RWA chapter. Actually, the past president had created it on WordPress.Com and I just moved it so we are now self-hosting it. I’m going to try and post monthly stuff about our meetings but you know, that might not happen.

I guess that’s it for me for now. Except – I stole Lara’s widget. Isn’t it cute? I love the count down to Christmas!

Have a great weekend, ya’ll!

By Michelle

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