So Glad It’s Friday!

I think all the late nights finally caught up to me yesterday. I was exhausted by 8:30.

We had soccer practice, which always puts a crimp in the evening. However, I was smart. I made dinner in the crock pot! So dinner was done and waiting for us when we got home. Plus, it’s really low maintenance on the dishes. LOVE that. We had a nice thunderstorm roll through, too. My lawn is happy.

Got home, ate dinner, the kiddo studied for his test today and then got him in the shower and into bed. I forced myself to stay up a little longer. I started a new story today. Sort of a revamp of the old MAGIC story. There was something about that one that was never quite right and I think I finally figured it out. It’s urban fantasy. Maybe. Well, okay, probably. I wrote over 3000 words on it so far.

And it’s dark. I actually scared myself when I was writing. Who knew! I mean, I had this heart-pounding moment when I finished writing the first chapter and then sat back and re-read it. It startled me. Ever have that happen? Ever write something so intense and so … dark … that when you go back and read, it just freaks you out? That was me. LOL

I’m going to plug away and see where it goes. I have a general idea. It’s basically revamping the old fantasy story into a new urban fantasy story. Should be grand fun.

Happy Weekend!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.