So, how are you?

Got another partial request from an agent. This one was via email, so I sent it off last night. NERVES!

Also…I’m going through the painful process of changing my email address. I never realize how much crap email I get. You know, the junk you sign up for and then forget and are too lazy to unsubscriber so you just hit delete instead? Wait. You don’t do that? 😉

So I spent a good portion of the evening changing email address on the stuff I DO want to get and unsubscribing from the things I DON’T want to get. No sense in continuing with the crap if I have no use for it. And then there was the various logging on to places where I need to change – like eBay and PayPal and various and sundry credit card places. I’m also trying to email everyone who I send email to on a regular basis – family, friends, etc. The old address will work forevern since that’s what my internet is tied to but I rather like the new address. 

It’s gmail by the way and it works a lot better with the iPhone than the other account. Plus, I really like the user interface via the web. Very user-friendly. And I can set up labels for my various Yahoo groups and filter it into those folders. I also really like the way it groups emails into “conversations”. It makes it easy to find those emails and keep up with them.

The next order of business will be to move all my Google Reader stuff over to the new account. Which actually WILL be a royal pain in the patoot.

And did I get any words in? HECK NO. I was messing with the durn email thing most of the night. The rest of the night I was helping with homework, cooking dinner, doing dishes. You know. All those Mom duties we all have to do. It really sucks the evenings fly by. I hate it. Wish they would last a little longer. I guess I just enjoy them too much!

Happy Thursday, ya’ll.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.