So. Um. Wow.

It’s Friday already? And the first week of August is already gone? How did this happen? Where was I for the last seven days?

I realized,with some horror, I had contest entries due. Today. And I still had three to judge before I could turn them in. Egads! Guess what I did last night? Yup. Read contest entries. I have one more to read today and then I’m done! I did agree to be a discrepancy judge for another contest but I should have to read any more than one.

Now the contest I’m coordinating is in full swing. And the most awesome WebDiva has figured out a way to automate just about everything making my life a heckuva lot easier. I love her. I do. I’m sending her chocolate. 😀

Tomorrow is my chapter meeting. I think I’m ready. I have all my paperwork printed and ready to go and I’ve got a whole bunch of new stuff I want to present to the group. I’m excited! I’m pumped! I’m ready to rock ‘n roll, baybe!

And – in other cool news – I was contacted by a columnist for an online newspaper in Houston. She’s doing romance author spotlights and asked if I’d like to be interviewed. I said yes, of course! I’ll let you know when the interview is up.

On September 5, I’ll be doing a book-a-day giveaway at The Romance Studio. I’m giving away a signed copy of A BEND IN TIME so if you don’t have a copy, now’s your big change get in on the fun. I’ll remind you the day of, though. Don’t worry.

I’m off to Big D for the day so – TGIF, ya’ll!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.