Sometimes…I wonder if it’s worth getting up in the morning.

There is construction on the floor above my office. The smell was paint fumes (and they failed to notify the management company they were painting). It was still there all day yesterday. By the afternoon, I felt lightheaded and just generally crappy. The computer was hard to focus on, too. I knew I should have stayed home.

The kiddo is having some behavioral problems at school. They are so bad, the Assistant Principal has noticed. He is, apparently, acting up in PE and the lunchroom, not doing his work, and daydreaming in class. I’ve contacted the teacher and set up a conference with her for Monday afternoon. I notified his father he should probably also attend. I would have had the conference this week, but his dad is on a ski trip which he was too chicken to tell me about. Instead, I find out about it from my son. Those are some great communication skills, I’ll tell ya.

When I got my new computer, I let the kiddo have the old one to do homework and play games. Well, of course he’s managed to trash it by downloading games and screensavers and what-not. So since he’s having problems at school, I have forbid him to get on the computer, play the Wii or the Gameboy. He is henceforth grounded from all games until he straightens up. I’m boxing up the Wii and Man is coming to get the computer to take in to fix.

Since the kiddo has been asking to join Cub Scouts, I started looking into that. I contacted the district manager and talked about it with him. He sent me information on local packs and I’ve got a call into one of the pack leaders. I think Scouts will be perfect for him and probably give him the discipline he needs with school, too. I can only do so much myself. Sometimes I feel totally alone. Plus, I really need to get back to church with him. I haven’t gone since the Christmas Eve services.

And another bombshell dropped in my lap yesterday, too. It’s not a situation I’m happy about, but I’m dealing with it.

And this too shall pass…

I did somehow manage to get all the contest entries ready to distribute. So help me, they are going out by Friday if it kills me. And then I’m GOING TO FINISH ROME AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME.


By Michelle

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