…even when you’re over 30, you still want your mommy.

I had a meeting/marketring retreat starting Wednesday afternoon and going into Friday. It was great with lots of wonderful ideas and food and visiting and food.

The only problem was…I was sicker than a dog. It started Wednesday morning and got progressively worse. I had to leave out of the meeting early on Wednesday and get home as fast as possible. I curled up in a ball on the bed and wished for death. Well, actually, I just wished for the stomache cramps to go away. I slept most of the evening and all night and was still feeling rather puny the next morning.

And the whole time my stomach was cramping and I was feeling like I would die at any moment, I just wished my mommy was there. Not that she could do anything except give me sympathy… but still…

Since I was spending the night at the hotel, I had to get packed and get ready to go. I finally made it out the door and on the road. By lunchtime Thursday, I was feeling better. I was actually able to eat something.

Had dinner that night at a nice Mexican restaurant. I ate four bites and then was full. I really REALLY wanted to finish that dish but just couldn’t. And I probably overdid it with the food that night at dinner. All I could do was lay on the bed in the hotel room and watch Grey’s Anatomy.

By Friday morning, I started feeling yucky off and on again. I couldn’t really eat lunch except for a cup of soup. Knowing it was girls night, I headed home to rest before going out.

I was feeling pretty good by the time I hit the restuarant. We had beers and appetizers and played trivia. I smelled like an ashtray by the time I got home. And I was exhausted and starting to feel bad again. And of course by this morning, I’m sick once again.

I guess the intensity of the last few weeks have finally caught up to me. That and the poor diet I’ve had these last few days. Today I barely have enough energy to sit here. All I want to do is lay on the couch and watch TV. Which is exactly what I think I’m going to do. And I had so much I wanted to accomplish this weekend. Guess none of that is going to happen.

And to top it all off… I think some jackass stole my Amazon order off my front porch. OF COURSE it would arrive the day I was spending the night at the hotel. Fing scumbags. Amazon is replacing it for me, though, and I’m playing it safe and having it shipped to the office.

Anyway… on the bright side – my new very cool and chic checks and matching mailing labels arrived today. They’re awesome. I love them!

Maybe sometime today I can muster the energy to get some laundry done. I’d really like to make a trip to Home Depot for that new toilet tank but not sure I have the energy for that either… guess I’ll go have soup and watch Barefoot Contessa…


By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.