Somewhat Better

Monday was a forgettable day. It really was. I got things worked out that I needed to get worked out and it ended up okay. Sort of.

I picked up Sweetie Boy yesterday afternoon and he proceeded to become the Heathen Child the second we walked in the door. Yeah, that made my day. But then he got better, I fed him dinner, and he went and played in his room. It was novel. I folded laundry, talked to The Man, and then repaired the fort that had fallen apart.

Then Sweetie Boy discovered the keyboard, which was fine by me. I worked at the desk while he played on it. Most repeated phrase of the evening: “Don’t bang on the keyboard!” He can’t help it – he’s 5.

I had this huge serving of lasagna for lunch and so I wasn’t interested in dinner at all. I had a salad and that was it. I’m feeling fat lately so I need to lay off all the fattening stuff.

Anyway – Into the tub he went at 8 and then he was out by 8:30. So I’m guessing the Heathen Child reared his ugly head because he was (a) hungry and (b) tired.

Oh, in other news, I GOT MY ALPHASMART NEO! WOOHOO! That baby rocks. And YES! I wrote last night. Don’t know how much yet because I haven’t downloaded it to the computer. But I did get some writing in.

And my friend, Dennie, notated to me that I only need the first three chapters and a synopsis for the submission in March. There is hope yet. My first three chapters are nearly done but since I’m a classic Pantser, a synopsis might be rather difficult. Wonder if they’d mind if I strayed from that?

I got a lot of work down on the chapter contest too. I’m one step away from sending out the submissions to the judges.

My wrists and fingers are sore which is making it difficult to type, so that’s it for me. Back tomorrow. 🙂

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.