Spam. A Lot.

First – Happy birthday to my friend and colleague, Devon! Hope you have a fantastic day!

I’ve noticed a huge increase in spamming lately. On the blog, via email. I think I’m deleting about 20-30 spam comments PER DAY on the blog. And don’t get me started on how many there are via email. It’s annoying.

And what really ticks me off is someone has been using my email address to send spam. I get spam from me to me. And when I look at the message emvelope, is shows the real IP address and sender. And that just pisses me off. Because, you know, I PAY for my hosting plan and for my email addresses (it’s an email address tied to my website) and I don’t really appreacite you EFFERS using it to sending your spam. I’ve blocked numerous IP address on the host, but you know that doesn’t do much. It doesn’t stop them from spamming. It’s frustrating there’s nothing I can do about it except deleting the mail box (which I’ve had to do once before).

So here’s a message to all you spammers: You suck. You’re like annoying little gnats that need to be squashed.

I wonder if spammers get spam? You know what? Maybe we should all band together and send THEM spam. We could all push SEND together. Of course, that might blow up the Internets.

Busy day ahead and time to dash. I’m glad I have Starbucks.

By Michelle

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