Spring Marathon

Yesterday went by fast and furious…and we spent most of it in the car. It was a mararthon drive, let me tell you. I think I drove on every major freeway in the Metroplex. I drove to Mom’s to pick her up for the next two days. But her car was in the shop so we were at the mercy of the repair guys. We waited around for it to get finished and in the meantime, I drove us to Borders.

We found where they shelve the Samhain books, so Mom could look for my book when it comes out in May. We talked to a very nice lady who worked there and she told me who to call at the district office – the manager who makes the buying decisions. I’m so not doing that. Can you say chicken? 🙂 Anyway, we wandered through the music section and the kid’s section. I got the baby a Pirates of the Carribbean sticker book which gave him hours of sticker fun. hehe

Finally, her car was ready after 3 and I drove her over there to pick it up. Then back to my house. Hit traffic. Poured down rain. Had to drive reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal slow. It took just over an hour to get home (beating) and then once we got there, we got ready to go to dinner.

I took us to The Man’s restaurant for dinner, but we didn’t leave the house until 4:45. Way later than I originally wanted to but oh well. Hit traffic (beating) but it really wasn’t all that bad since I had company in the car to talk to. It took us and hour and a half to get there. GAW. And everyone had to go potty by the time we hit the restaurant.

They have this cool thing for the kids to do – instead of crayons and stupid menus to color, they have one of those little boards with the magnetic pen to draw on. Can’t think of what they’re called but I thought that was way cool. AND he got his own little chopsticks to eat with. The Sweetie Boy thought that was awesome. So I asked The Man what was on the kid’s menu and he said, “He can have whatever he wants off the menu and I’ll make it for him.” Aw. (Well, he meant, his chef would make it for him. heh)

The baby ordered all by himself – steamed chicken and white rice – and he ate almost every bite. Mom had moo goo gai pan and I had the mongonlian beef. It was yummy. After we were stuffed to the gills, the baby announced he wanted dessert. Which struck me as odd because the kid NEVER asks for dessert anywhere we go out to eat. So I asked him what he wanted.

“Do they have a big brownie?” he asks.

“I don’t know. Let’s as the nice man in the suit when he comes back,” I say.

So when Then Man came back by the table, Sweetie Boy asks him. Now, the kid is not big on cake. Ever. He won’t eat the stuff. I’ve never been able to get him too. “We don’t have a big brownie,” The Man says. “But had a brownie chocolate cake.”

So the baby nods his head real big. And I’m thinking…Oh my gaw… because I know he’s going to be the Great Wall of Chocolate cake that is like six layers of chocolate with to-die-for frosting coated in chocolate chips. And three forks.

There goes the diet for me and Mom. But I’ve never seen a kid plow through cake like he did. I swear, he nearly at every bite all by himself. Moments later, the fortune cookies showed up – we got six – and that kid ate two! I was so full! And the he brought all the fortunes and the rest of the cookies home.

Anyway, it was a nice time an we drove home with no traffic which was totally nice. We hit the door around 8 and we were all exhausted. We finally all climbed into bed and fainted.

And today it’s Zoo day! Which means I need to hit the shower and cook some breakfast… and the baby boy is still fast asleep!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.