Stars lose

Well the Stars fell last night to the Red Wings. Sad. But they played a very hard game and I don’t think they have anything to hang their head about. They tried but the Wings just came out fighting last night. I’m just glad they didn’t win the series at home. I still don’t think Osgood is that great of a goalie (and that first goal really should not have counted – he clearly kicked it in with his skate).

So now we turn to the Stanley Cup Finals. Go Penguins!! hehe

I started my new menu thing last night. The kiddo didn’t want chili on his dog. Or a bun. So he ate a hot dog, no bun, covered in shredded cheese. He ate three of them. Clean up was a snap – I love those kind of dinners! And then I baked a chocolate cake – Man’s birthday is today. Tonight, I’m cooking him dinner. He requested chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. That’s sort of a specialty of mine. Even though it is a fattening one.

Worked on the MAGIC book some yesterday. Made more edits. It’s really very hard to combine three versions of something into one.

Okay – short entry here. It’s time to get ready for work and school. 🙂

By Michelle

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