Stella is Cool

A huge thanks to everyone who came  over to the blog yesterday for Misty’s Fashionista post. It was great fun. 🙂 Winner of the ebook will be announced later today.

My good friend across the pond, Colin Galbraith, has a new release coming! And to celebrate, he has this awesomey awesome book trailer for his book, Stella, from Eternal Press. Check it:

I don’t know about you… but that ROCKS. Congrats, Col, in your coming release!

In other news… work, work, work on chapter business. The contest is looming, the luncheon is nearly here and I am one busy bee with everything. I have my hands full. Got the agenda done for the luncheon and the agenda done for the meeting on Saturday. There are updates to the website that need to be done, web copy to write, announcements to send out. I make lots and lots of lists. I use OneNote like crazy to keep my email from overflowing.

And yes, I’m still editing Phoenix. But sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day! That superhero book is still in my head so I caved and wrote the first pargraph. I had to, you see, becuase it was nagging me. And I didn’t want to loose it so I jotted it down really fast. But, of course, it’s still nagging me. I’m telling those characters to SHUT.UP. becuase I have a book to polish and prepare for submission so GO AWAY you pesky characters, you! Back, I say! Back! 🙂 To help with the nagging, I found an entire Glenn Miller album with Big Band music that will be the soundtrack of the beginning of that book. In The Mood will be on it as well as Benny Goodman’s Sing, Sing Sing and Wang Wang Blues. I just love Big Band music.

Man says I don’t need to fill every second of every day and I need to learn to relax (I’m a Gemini; I can’t help it). You know what? I think he might be right… that’s why I’m looking forward to Spring Break next week. I’m taking three days off from work, picking up my nephew from East Texas and taking the boys out and about for some fun. Good times. Actually, a spa weekend was more what I had in mind for relaxing, but this will do. And it’s cheaper. 😆

Time for school/work. Busy weekend ahead. And I still need more hours in the day.

By Michelle

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