Still counting down

It’s the last day of NOVEMBER?!? Sheesh.

Yes… only 11 days to go. I’ve put the mail on hold. I’ve gathered all the paperwork. I’m starting to think about packing. Can’t believe I leave in less than two weeks!!

Yesterday, I took the kiddo to his eye doc appointment. All is well. No change in prescription which works for me. That means I don’t have to buy new glasses. haha Afterward, we stopped at Sonic for happy hour (half priced drinks!) and a snack and then went home and watched cartoons. Well, he watched cartoons and I worked to make up some time since I’m approaching vacationtime. WOO! Speaking of the kid, here’s a picture of him in the lead singer role playing Rock Band with his cousins. He knows every single word to the Bon Jovi song, Wanted Dead Or Alive. It’s impressive, actually.

And something strange is happening with the blog. It’s not emailing me when I have comments. And sometimes it holds comments for moderation and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a mystery. And a new symptom. I’m trying to figure out WHY it’s doing this. WordPress can be quirky sometimes. I’m also getting the itch to redo the website. I’ve had this look for nearly two years. I need something new and exciting. Maybe next year.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.