Still Nothing

Progress Update: Wrote 2272 on the Christmas story and am nearly 1/4 of the way to my goal. Would love to have at least half of it drafted this week and the rest finished the week of August 1.

I’ve found I write much better when I have a goal in mind. For instance, this Christmas story which is rather non-traditional but action packed. Knowing I have to turn it in on September 1 has been motivation to get it written. The only hitch is, I’ll be out of town most of next week for RWA’s National Conference and won’t be able to even think about writing. So I’m trying to cram two weeks worth of writing into one. Yeah. Right.

The biggest problem with that I see is my lunch hours are going to be committed to meetings all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Which is usually my prime writing time. I’ve conditioned myself to write for an hour during this time, so what am I going to do with my creative, active brain when I can’t get that done? I will have to resort to staying up late and writing.

Anyway… in regards to the title of this post… a good writing friend of mine sold to Carina Press recently. We submitted about the same time. I’m still waiting on my rejection or acceptance (I’m hoping for the latter!). I’m trying really hard not to be OCD about checking my email every two seconds but that’s all I want to do. And, of course, I’m in meetings at work for the next two days which means I can’t be OCD about checking my email every two seconds. I’m hoping that means I will be receving an email from Carina in that time. 😀

Of course I have another plan should I receive a rejection. We’ll call it Contingency Plan #19 because that will be the amount of times it’s been submitted. Hopefully, it stops at 18 with Carina. Cross your fingers!

By Michelle

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