Stormy Night, Pretty Day

It stormed last night. At least, I think it did. I was half asleep during it. I was also half asleep during the hockey game.

Speaking of: The Dallas Stars won!! They were still in Colorado, down 3-0 in the series and they managed to pull out a win. So they’ll be playing at home tomorrow afternoon. I dozed during most of the game but I did wake up every now and again to see the score. I was very happy to find the final as 4-1. GO STARS!

Took Sweetie Boy to the zoo yesterday and the second we got inside the gates, it poured rain. Luckily, I had my very large golf umbrella with me and we were able to stay somewhat dry. Most of the animals were out, surprisingly. There was a very large white tiger sitting right by the glass (to get out of the rain) so we really got up close and personal with it. Sweetie Boy LOVED it. He said, “He sure has a lot of stripes, Mom.” I agreed that he did. And then he told me, “He’s just like Sampson!” Yeah. Only bigger. MUCH bigger! Wonder if that big kitty will “pet himself” if I stuck my hand out?

Anyway, we had a good day yesterday. We were tired by the time we got home and ended up going to Chick Fil A. I feel like such a bad Mom. I haven’t cooked for my kid yet. Which reminds me – I guess I’ll put something out for dinner right now so it’ll be thawed by the time I get ready to cook.

Today we’re going to visit his Grandmom who’s still in the hospital. She had to had surgery this week and we hope she’s feeling better. Sweetie Boy and my mother went and picked out flowers for her this week and made a very nice bouquet. I got a card yesterday. I hope it cheers her up. 🙂

Then I have no idea what else we’re going to do. Tomorrow, we’re off to visit Sysenlaw and Brother and watch the Stars beat Colorado again. (Hopeful thinking there!)

By Michelle

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