Stressed… and a book review

I have too much to do and not enough time to do it in. I’m also still struggling to find judges for the contest. Not an easy task, especially when no one wants to judge Young Adult. sigh

So it’s making me a little nervous. I realize folks are busy and don’t have time to read contest entries, but this is really scary. I almost think that next year, we need to have a cap on the number of entries but then that doesn’t do the chapter any good because that’s our annual fundraiser. It’s a quandry for sure.

I came home to 200 emails messages I somehow managed to wade through. Most of them junk. I had subscribed to a lot of stuff but after the new year, I unscribed to help keep my inbox clean(er). I delete a lot of stuff simply because I just don’t have time to read it all, even though I want to.

In other news… I got a review from Joyfully Reviewed on A Break In Time. Always good to get a nice review:

A Break in Time is a little like Back To The Future meets Indiana Jones. It’s full of excitement, action, and danger and it’s a lot of fun. ”

You can read the entire review by clicking here.

I did get about 1500 words in on Rome the last two days. Paltry, really. But I can’t give it my full attention until this contest is out of my hair. And even then, it won’t be. I have 10 entries I have to read and judge. They may just have to wait until I finish this book. 😀

Yoga tonight. By the end of the day, I think I’ll need it.

By Michelle

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