Stuff I’ve Been Doing

I’ve been busy. Lots of things going on! I’m working on my next book in the Realm of Honor series, A Knight Like No Other. It’s slow going but I am making some good progress. This is the story of the Elven princess, Sobriel, and Sir Drake, the human knight she’s in love with.

I wrote a mini-synopsis when I sold the book on proposal and have been valiantly trying to follow it. It’s been a struggle and I’ve been having a difficult time with some of the characters. On Friday, something finally clicked with me–I can’t write with a synopsis. I have to just wing-it. When I finally realized this, the words really started to flow. I think I finally have the climax figured out. Which is a good thing.

I also have Ravishing Helene in process. It’s the third Guardians of Atlantis novella. The going is slow because, ya know, it’s summer and there is a lot to do. In fact, we’re preparing for our family vacation which means I will be totally unplugged for a few days. I’m really looking forward to that. We’re heading to the Black Hills to camp, hike, see Mount Rushmore and the Crystal Caverns. We’re also planning to drive up to Devil’s Tower. I really can’t wait and I’m really looking forward to it!

So between now and the day we leave, I will need to get some big words in. Especially since I’ll not be writing much while we’re vacationing. 🙂

So…what have you been up to, lately?

By Michelle

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