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Yeah, not the most creative blog post title, is it? But it’s all I got.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Send me some green beer, will ya?

This has been THE longest week. I don’t think it’s ever going to end.

Last night, I got home to find Mary Buckham’s Break Into Fiction on my doorstep. Thanks to my husband. He bought it for me. I’ve started reading it and there are a lot of worksheets that I need to copy out of it, so I’ll be doing that … sometime. Still, I’m excited to have the book and actually learn how to do a better job of plotting. I may never be a true convert, but I am going to learn to do better. I haven’t been writing, only brainstorming for the next book in the Knight series. This book should help me figure out my main plot points and get me started.

Also…(and I usually don’t blog about this stuff…) ABC World News and Diane Sawyer made me cry last night. The devestation in Japan is…unreal. And this article also blew my mind. Husband and I have been keeping up-to-date as much as possible on the disaster. And did you know Shinmoedake erupted on Sunday? I only stumbled upon that when reading the other one. This link is an interesting article about why Japan is so susceptible to quakes. And if you’re really interested, here’s an article about the volcano eruption.

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