I’m running out of creative titles for my blog posts. Sad. And hard to believe it’s nearly the end of the month. Where does the time go? And why do I hear the music from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” running in my head?

So Saturday I took the baby to see The Ant Bully. It was actually a cute movie with a nice message at the end. I liked it. Had some disgusting moments. In fact, my son said, “Mom, I didn’t like that part,” about one particular scene of the movie. I think it was either the part where the kid was in the belly of the frog or hanging off the nosehair of the exterminator. Can’t remember which.

I know I was grossed out.

Anyway… note to self: NEVER give the kid red Kool-Aid. NEVER! It’s a big mistake. He was super hyper Sunday afternoon when we went to Mom’s for dinner and to hang out for a bit. Ran in circles for a good half hour. Made me tired watching him. Of course, my mother says, “He’s just being a boy.”

Yes, and he’s driving me insane. Ah well. He’s still darn cute and sweet.

I didn’t get any writing done on Saturday and Sunday but that’s okay. I spent lots of good time with my kiddo. We had a nice weekend together. Despite the fact he made me burn my fried chicken by asking for Kool-Aid over and over. Dinner wasn’t quite a disaster. Yes, I cooked again. Don’t fall out of your chair or anything. I made fried chicken tenders, peas, and the baby wanted rice. So that’s what we had. It made a huge mess and stunk up the place but it sure was a tasty meal. AND I have leftovers for lunch. WOO!

Since I was restless and so was the kiddo, we went to the mall Saturday night and just walked around for a bit. Back at home, I put him in the tub, washed and dried his hair, and then got him in bed early. He was out by 9:45 and I was snoring with a book on my chest by 10:30.

I miss my kid a lot when he’s not with me. He’s super sweet and smart and has the beginnings of a very creative side. I love that about him. His imagination is in full force right now and I love watching and listening to him. That little voice is precious.

It was a good weekend. We had a very nice time. And I have an 8:30 meeting this morning. I need lots of :coffee:

By Michelle

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