Stupid Blog

I posted yesterday and scheduled it to post and IT DIDN’T POST. STOOOOOOOOPID BLOG! But, it’s up now should you wish to read about my busy weekend. 😀

Anyway… went Christmas shopping with Man last night while he shopped for stuff for his childrens. The mall was busy, of course, and it was also BOILING inside. WTH? It was still only in the 60s outside. Not, you know, the 30s.

Our weather has been wacky lately. It’s warmed up a bit. The nights aren’t as cold. And it’s wreaking havoc on my sinuses! It feels like my nose is on fire. And I’m sneezing. Blech. Hopefully with the cold front comes through tomorrow, it will be better. We’re supposed to have plummeting temps in the 20s at night and barely get out of the 30s for the daytime highs. Perfect for Christmas weather!

And today is my last day this week at the office and then I’m off. I’ll be baking and cleaning house. I also promised the kiddo we would decorate that gingerbread house that’s been sitting on the counter for 2 weeks. Bad Mom! So that’s on the agenda for the next few days.

I can’t believe Chistmas is so close!

By Michelle

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