Stupid Day

Yeah. I forgot to blog yesterday. Well, I didn’t forget I just didn’t have time. Or energy.

I have deemed Wednesday as the Stupid Day. And it was too. I have never had so much stupid happen to me in one day. Or maybe I have and I just don’t remember.

I have a pain in my neck (no, really!) becuase I managed to sleep wrong on Tuesday night. And so when Wednesday rolled around, I could hardly move. I couldn’t even turn my head. That was the first Stupid. So I was in massive pain all day long and wishing for it to be amputated.

The second Stupid is work related and I can’t go into that here. Just suffice it to say it was totally effing STUPID.

The third Stupid was when the guy at the post office though it was a government conspiracy because several of us in line had those little pink pickup slips (you know, the ones they leave in your mailbox and you have to haul your ass to the post office to pick up whatever they wouldn’t leave because you have to sign for it). Yeah, that’s no lie. When I walked up and got my slip out of my bag, he looked at me with wide-eyed wonder (after hanging up from shouting at the top of his Cell Phone Voice) and said, “A lot of us are getting one of these. I wonder what it could be!”

Dude. It’s the post office. Last time I checked, there was no secret plot to off folks who received a notification to pick up a certified letter/package/whatever. (And incidentally, he had a certified letter and you know what that means – bad news!)

The final Stupid was being behind the old guy who must have smoked twelve packs a day in the drive-thru at McDonald’s. Yeah, okay, so it’s McD’s, but I was hungry and tired and it was late and I just wanted quick and cheap. He pulled up to the drive-thru and actually said, in the most gravely voice possible, “Yeah, what you got on the dollar menu?”

I was floored. I had to sit there and wait while they told him everything on the dollar menu. The conversation I had later with some ladies was (a) maybe he couldn’t read; (b) what IS on the dollar menu? and (c) what did he order? Sadly (a) maybe he really couldn’t and I should give the guy a break – thanks for making me feel like a total shit; (b) double cheeseburger, chicken sandwich, small fries, parfait, and a lot of other stuff I can’t remember; and (c) a double cheeseburger and a chicken sandwich. I guess he only had $2 on him.

We DID, however, get a bonus toy in the Happy Meal which Sweetie Boy announced over dinner.

After the incident at the drive-thru, I knew it was time for me to remove myelf from public.

Thursday (yesterday) was a little better. My neck still hurt but at least I was somewhat more mobile than the day before. I managed to get through the day without too many life-sucking moments, which is always good. However, my child was a total stinker that evening. I mean, so much so I was nearly insane. He had fallen asleep on the way home (we had to stop at Academy and get shin guards and a water bottle for his “big game” on Saturday – his words, not mine) and then he was, of course, hard to wake up for dinnertime.

Finally at seven he woke up and pouted and whined but did finally eat dinner. And then of course, it was time for bed. But instead of doing bathtime (bad Momma), we made brownies instead. I let him lick the beaters (bad Momma) and then promised he could have one in his lunch tomorrow (SWEET). I made them for a our intern who’s birthday is tomorrow. I really wanted to do a cheesecake but I didn’t have cream cheese…or really all that much time. The brownies are one of my best dishes – Fudgy Brownies – and NO they are simply NOT low fat. In fact, they harden the arteries just thinking about the recipe.

But they are so tasty.

So I’m happy to say it’s Friday and Payday (which really doesn’t make a hill of beans because I have to make the mortgage payment which is okay because that means I have a place to leave for another 30 days but STILL…I had to make the mortgage).

And I hope this long entry has satisfied the craving for blogging from my regular readers. Sorry I’ve been lax on blogging lately. I just haven’t had an abudance of energy. I really need to get back to working out in the mornings.

…Right after I eat this brownie…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.