Successful Weekend!

The book signing was a lot of fun on Saturday. Here’s a picture of what the table looked like after I got there. (Please note the appearance of Carly under the table – LOL).

There was a steady stream of people from the time I got there until the time I left. In fact, I got there about thirty minutes early. I have to say, the lady in charge of these sorts of things at the book store was AWESOME. A big thank you to Georgette for all her hard work and making this even so much fun! And the table looked great, too.

Anyway, I was pretty excited to see my own little poster. There were actually two – one for each side (and somehow my big brother got off with both of them…hm…).

Here’s another picture of me actually signing a book. This was actually taken by one of my friends who came to the signing and bought a book. I look so…author-ish. HAHA

The chocolate was a hit and the drawing worked out great. I even made a little sign ( you can see it in the foreground of this picture). It was a very 1950s looking sign.

And I’m happy to report I sold every book on the table! That’s about 18 or so. There were still two on the self in Romance, which I forgot to go sign. I’ll have to get by there tonight on the way home to do that. I’m thrilled I sold out! It was rather unexpected. The last book was gone by 4 pm so we packed up and headed out.

It’s some serious motivation for writing, that’s for sure.

Afterwards, the family and I headed out to Chili’s for an early dinner and then I drove Mom home.

Sunday was another busy day. I had to grocery shop and it proved to be the beating it always is. I love Wal-Mart but sometimes, the people in the store live in a bubble. I hate having to dodge them, but what can you do? The ones that park their basket in the middle of the aisle and the STAND in front of the one thing I need REALLY get on my nerves.

Got home, unloaded groceries, ate lunch. Then I cleaned house. All.Damn.Day. It was filthy but it needed to be done. I even fixed my vacuum cleaner – it had been over-heating. I was worried it was busted and I would have to take it in for warranty work. Turns out, it was just gunked up. So I took it apart, cleaned it out, and put it all back together. It works just like new now!

I even roasted a whole chicken and it was delish. After I got dinner and dishes done, I literally collapsed on the couch. i think I needed some downtime since it was such a hectic weekend. I plan to get back to the writing tonight for sure, though. I have set a goal to finish the book by November 1. I don’t want to stop and make edits, either. I’m just going to try and write it straight through to the end. We’ll see how I do. 🙂

And that’s it for me. Gotta get the kiddo up and ready for school. And then it’s back to work… sigh

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.