Monday was a pretty uneventful day. 

My boss ordred me a new computer for the office and it’s a laptop. I got it yesterday. It’s smoking fast with an 80 gig hard drive. AND its a Dell. Dude, I got a Dell. HAR.

Anyway – after Saturday’s scare, I headed to Lowe’s after work. Since I didn’t have the baby with me, I spent a good portion of time walking around the entire store and checking things out. Priced a new storm door for the front with installation. Priced mailboxes and posts.

Which reminds me. Shortly after getting home from work yesterday, some heathen kids decided it would be funny to (1) try to knock over my mailbox (it’s hanging by the thread of one screw on the post and is about to come off, hence the reason why I probably just need to replace the old beat upt hing) and (2) ride their effing motorbike in my yard.

I heard the commotion and when I opened my front door, they scattered like cockroaches. I started charging outside to yell at the moron on the bike but he took off and then I noticed the mailbox. The teenage girl was laughing her ass and walking towards me saying she was sorry and that it was an “accident”. Uh huh. She said she’d fix it. “Don’t touch it,” I snap.

“Sorry,” she mutters and off she goes with her boyfriend. They pause in someone else’s hard to make out for about 10 minutes.

About that time, my neighbor walked up. “I was about to run them off,” she said. Nice to know she has my back. 🙂 We chatted for a minute and that’s when I headed off to Lowe’s.

Anyway! Back to Lowe’s. I got this bad-ass heavy duty Master padlock for the back gate. WOO! There is NO WAY in hell anyone is getting past that. It gives me peace of mind knowing it’s out there keeping me safe.

The creep hasn’t called back and of course since his number is a cell phone, it can’t be blocked. That’s okay. I told my Big Brother all about it. I’m sure he’d be more than happy to handle it if the dude DOES decide to call back.

I called the phone company first thing this morning and was highly agitated to learn that it’s a monthly fee of $5.50 to be unlisted. I’m sorry – but that is just highway robbery! And then they tried to sell me EVERYTHING under the sun, too. Different phone packages, better DLS, satellite TV, and did I want to combine my cell phone bill with my home phone bill? No, actually I don’t. Becuase I don’t get a paper bill anyway and I pay it online and I’m happy knowing that it’s separate, thankyouverymuch.

I also bought this nifty programmable thermostat! Now…wonder if I’m smart enough to install it myself? It can’t be that hard can it?

Now about that suckage thing… I tried to write last night. I really did. I pulled out the WIP and everything – yes the dragon story. I seem to have lost the story. I sat and sat and sat staring at a blank screen and got NADA. Nothing. Like the mind is this big blank of nothingness. Oh gaw – it’s total suckage.

What is wrong with me?

And oh – I got my monthly statement from the publisher for January today. TALK DIRTY TO ME is still selling like crazy. I didn’t even sell ONE copy of A BEND IN TIME this past month and I’m really disappointed. I guess I will have to buckle down next month and hit the marketing hard and heavy. The only problem is – I have limited funds so I will have to really stretch my advertising dollar.

Wish I could afford a spotlight in Romance Designs. Man, that would ROCK.

Anyway. It makes me wonder if my real calling is the spicier stuff like TALK DIRTY TO ME. Although I have to say I really love the time travel, it’s not very “hot” and the romance is slow moving. However, that’s because there are a lot of factors involved. I mean, it just didn’t make sense for the heroine to hop right into bed with the hero when he’s been hired to kill her. Right? And so their romance is set to a slow burn.

That changes for book two though. They’re hot and heavy in book two and there’s more of a developed love story for them.

I sometimes wish I could write again like I did for the serials. Sort of carefree and no plan whatsoever.

Oh wait – I DO still write like that. I’m a total pantser all the way. AND I never ever write with an outline or a synopsis.

Which reminds me… I really need to get that synopsis done for the dragon book…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.