Summer Rain and Brides

Progress Update: 1220 words on the time travel; still thinking about a new contemporary series.

Hi y’all! I’m over at Pop Culture Divas today talking about bride movies. Stop by if you can and say hi!

We got a dumping of rain yesterday which was much needed. I’m glad we got it.

Yesterday at work, my co-worker and I actually cleaned and organized our storage closet. It was a lot of hard work but it didn’t take too long and now that it’s done, it’s awesome. However, today I’m sore. My legs hurt, my back and my arms from lifting, stooping, stretching. I did notice, though, with the extra activity I felt better last night. Which is a sign to me that I need to work out more. I’m just lazy.

Got home last night and it was Taco Tuesday. We stuffed ourselves on tacos and then I wrote for a little bit and got my words in. The story is coming along and it’s still a lot of fun but I find that it’s a little difficult to write at times. So much historical details I need to get right! So I’ll often stop to research some nugget I need for the book.

I think I’d like to resurrect my old contemporary serial and see about getting it in shape. I’d like to turn it into three novellas. I read through some of the issues (and WOW were they bad) but there is some stuff in there I think I can use. I just need to figure out how to get it into novella form instead of serial form.

I’m glad it’s Wednesday. Only two more days left and I have a long weekend ahead of me. WOOHOO!

By Michelle

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