Sunday Stuff

Just a quick entry here. Yesterday the boys won their soccer game 10-0 – it was a total blow out! And yes, even my kiddo got a goal! I was very excited to see him play so hard. They actually played like a team And my kiddo is their #1 Defenseman. Go Falcons! haha

Then we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then came home. Since it was so beautiful outside, I worked in the yard (and got sunburned) and he played Wii and then we packed up and headed to Best Buy. I got me a new DVD player. I can’t believe how inexpensive they are these days. It’s a really nice one, too. And of course, the kiddo talked me into a new Wii game (but it was only $20 so what the heck).

We had a nice low-key evening. I didn’t get back to the computer at all.

And today – the siding guys are here! Of course, we’re off to church when they show up. Hopefully they’ll just be finishing up by the time we get home. Apparently there are some papers I have to sign.

It’s another lovely day. A little cool and partly cloudy but I love this Spring weather. It looks like it might actually rain a bit, too. Hm.

Happy Sunday!

By Michelle

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