It’s a beautiful day. Other than a gusty wind, it’s warm and just lovely out. After some errands, I spent some time outside. I watered the plants and then killed some weeds that was growing in the cracks of the driveway. Then I picked up limbs that have been laying in the back flowerbed for almost a year. The yard looks much tidier now.

Next week, we’re having some concrete poured. A new sidewalk from the front to the back and then we’re extending our patio. When that gets done, I have lots of work to do to clean out the flowerbed on the north side of the house. Gotta kill some fire ant beds. Then when I get them all cleaned up, I’m going to plant marigolds I think. Maybe some pansies. I’m going to use bedding plants this year because it’s too late for bulbs. I really wanted daffodils, though. Tiger lilies are going in the flower bed in the backyard just under our bedroom window. They are very colorful tiger lilies too. But, again, those are bulbs, so they’ll have to wait until next year.

There’s a Mockingbird that likes to sit on the top of the chimney of the house behind us. It starts signing at the crack of dawn and sits there nearly all day. It’s there now, singing it’s little heart out. I can see it from where I sit in the upstairs office. I haven’t seen any redbirds this year, nor blue jays. Plenty of robins and doves though.

This is the first year of my independent life that I’ve ever felt like gardening. I won’t feel much like getting out when the temps soar to over 100, though, so I’m enjoying the weather now. I have all the windows open in the house and a nice cool breeze is keeping the house enjoyable. The electric bill has been surprisingly low since I’ve not been running the heat or the air. It’s nice. Wish it was this way all year round.

Finished issue 82 of Ransom & Fortune and wrote issue 83. It’s still not complete but I plan to get it done today and turned in as well. I have to work on Scars next because I’ll be behind on that as of this week if I don’t get to it.

I feel more creative lately. I suppose because a weight has been lifted. With DH home, I got back into my old rhythm – set up the laptop, put on the earphones, blast the music, and just write. I so needed that. But he flies back out to Baltimore on Monday. This will probably be the last trip home. The next time he comes home it will be for good. Thanks goodness!

And I can’t stop thinking about those shoes… It’s going to be time to re-evaluate my closet very soon. I’ve been thinking of switching with DH since his is more of a square shape and mine is long and narrow. I think I’ll have more room to expand in his closet than in the dinky one I have now. I should have picked that one when we moved in. LOL

Well, back to writing!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.