Sunny Sunday

It’s been so dreary the last few days. Yesterday it rained ALL day. Today – the sun is out! Nice to see the sun at last.

Sweetie Boy and I ran some errands yesterday. I had to go to the bank for the chapter and make a deposit. They have a popcorn machine there and he asked for some. So I let him have a small bag of it. Then it was on to my bank.

Since my Visa check card had to be canceled, I decided to cash a check. Just so I’d have a little money for the week. And when I wondered how I was going to pay at the store, it occurred to me I could write a check. Duh. I’m just so used to never carrying my checkbook and only using checks for bills. It’ll be 7-10 business days before I get the new card.

I let the baby watch Superman Returns. He liked it right up until the part where Lex Luthor stabs him in the side with that sliver of kyrptonite. He cried. So I had to give him the assurance that all would be well.

It gave me an idea. Maybe I needed to get the old version of Superman, the 1978 version with Christopher Reeve. So we went to Blockbuster and I got that and The Breakup and bought a previously viewed DVD of The Lake House. After cooking dinner, I made some popcorn and we settled in to watch the old Superman.

Sweetie Boy was out by 7. It’s because he got up at 6:45 that morning and asked me why it was still dark out. :dead:

I let him sleep on me for about an hour and then I tucked him in bed. I finished watching the movie. My favorite part of that is when Lois is falling from the helicopter and he swoops in to save her. I remember when I was kid, I wanted to be her. Just so a big strong man could swoop in to save me. 😉

The baby boy was up again at 6:45 this morning. :dead: I told him to go play in his room until I got up. But after the third or fourth time of him coming and telling me his flashlight was broken, his fort fell apart, he needed me to play with him on the walkie-talkies…I gave up and dragged myself out of bed.

Of course, now he’s in there playing with his pirate fort and leaving me alone. Now that I’m up. 🙂

Not sure what we’ll do today. It’s still a bit chilly out, so we may just hang around the house. I have laundry to do and a house to clean. And coffee. Must have coffee.


By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.