Super Sunday

Hey – today is the SuperBowl, as if I care. 😉 I’m so not a football fan, but if I MUST choose, then I’m going for the Colts. Only because it has the word “Indy” in the name. LOL Yeah, I’m that pathetic.

I hit the ground running today as soon as I got up. I cleaned off my desk and organized, made folders, and got through the mound of email that I ignored this last week. I got ALL the contest entries out yesterday! YES! I am done with that for at least a month when they all start rolling back in with the scores. *sigh* Got my personal newsletter out yesterday, too. Today, I am working on the chapter newsletter. Eventually. Ordered a special Valentine’s ad from Romance Designs. I’ve been ignoring promotion and marketing lately and the book sales show it. I need to get back on track with that.

I’m driving to Mom’s to pick up the baby’s curtains she made. WOO! Then I can get his room painted. I got a $10 project card in the mail yesterday from Lowe’s, so I will be using that when I buy the paint. I’m excited! His room is going to look SO cute.

And then I shopped online today. Penney’s is having a HUGE white sale – I got new curtains and blinds for the living room. The blinds are a necessity as the ones that are currently there are the Cheapest Blinds Known To Man. I can’t wait to get rid of them and get the faux wood blinds up – they had a great price on them too. Plus, I got the COOLEST two-tone contemporary looking curtains. Man, they are going to look sharp when I get them hung. I can’t wait! My living room is going to have the modern look I’ve always wanted. The only thing I’m lacking now is the awesome TV stand from Ikea I want. But that will come in time. Maybe in two or three more months.

I finally got the 1099 I was waiting for in the mail yesterday. Now I can get my taxes done and see what the damage is. Hopefully, I won’t have to pay, though I’m a tad scared about it. I hope I have enough deductions to offset the money I made from the publisher. *crossing fingers*

I gotta hit the shower now and then load up the car. I’m taking some furniture to Mom that I don’t have a use for or room for. I’ve been in that cleaning/organizing mood lately. I can’t stand it if anything is out of place lately. PLUS, I’m going to the post office tomorrow and mailing a box of shoes to my big sister. I have no use for them and I know she can wear them because she and her hubby go on a cruise every November.

Then when I get home, I’ll get that newsletter done and download everything from the Neo to see where I am on the dragon story. I HAVE been writing – slowly but surely. Now that the contest is out of the way for the moment, I can concentrate on my March 2 deadline.

Go me!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.