Yesterday I lamented the fact I detest synopsis writing. And I still do. However, I’m very pleased to say I finished my chapter-by-chapter synopsis. It’s at nearly 3000 words and 8 1/2 pages. That’s about 40k of story. Now I need to brainstorm and finish the synopsis for the final 40k of the story. Hey, it’s progress!

Devon – the story is very fun filled with lots of humor. I have a Scottish knight who has a gambling problem, a very snarky Fae princess, a Fae prince who thinks he’s in love with my heroine, a meddling evil earl who beats his sister (I just really hate him), and a heroine who finds the need to fix everyone’s problems. I really want the logline to capture all of that. So the “magic and mayhem” would definitely work.

I’ve had a lot of fun researching this, too. I found a great website with words and phrases of the day so I’ve enjoyed writing them into the story, too. Plus, writing about banquets and jousting has been a blast. 🙂

Tonight I have some interview questions I need to start on and I have another blog post due next Tuesday.

It’s still very cold here. In fact, the low last night was… 19. I mean, seriously? Nineteen in Texas? Come. ON. We won’t see warmer temps until the weekend. I had a Bailey’s and coffee last night. We also had a nice fire in the fireplace. That is one of the perks of winter. Well, that and I get to wear all my fabulous boots. 😉

Hope everyone stays warm and cozy!

By Michelle

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