Synopsis…oh, how I hate thee…

Hi, all! I’m over at the TRS Blue blog today (post goes live at 8 am CT), if you wish to stop in for some Irish coffee. 😉

It’s 1/11/11! Make a wish!

Yesterday, I thought, was productive. I got my blog post written (the one linked above) and also started writing that dreaded synopsis. I’m making myself do it because I know when it comes time to pitch the book, I’ll have to have one anyway. So I may as well open the vein and get it over with. Right? It’s dreadful, too.

I took the first six chapters of the book and started with a detailed synopsis by chapter. I hate it. In fact, it sucks. But I will persevere. Tonight, I’ll work on the detailed synopsis of the second half of my printed pages. I’m sure more suckage will ensue.

What this is doing for me, though, is showing me where the plot holes are. Plus I’m trying to come up with a hook and so far all I have is: Magic and mayhem in the Middle Ages! Yeah. It sucks. About the only thing going for it is it has cool alliteration. 😉 I’m still working on it. I have an idea of where I want to send this when I’m finished with it everything about the book, the synopsis and the hook have to be absolutely bang on of it’s a rejection. I don’t want that. I want a contract. 🙂

Not much else happening. I had my head buried in data all day again at work which is GREAT because it lets my subconscious do all the thinking about the Middles Ages, jousting, and a hot Scotsman. I love it.

Hope everyone is staying cozy and warm! As for us, the weather is bitterly cold but we have no preciptation so that’s good news. All the roads were fine yesterday and schools were open. Today is more of the same. Just colder than a well digger’s … Well, you know.

Happy Tuesday!

By Michelle

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