Tada – I wrote!

Happy Bunny Phrase of the Day:
School prepares you for the real world, which also sucks

Yesterday was a beating. A total and complete utter beating. It’s not even worth repeating what happened here but suffice it to say there are people who are so stupid in this world it makes me want to snatch ‘em bald-headed. Here’s my thoughts on the matter: If you’re going to complain about something you don’t like that involves me, do it to my face. Not to my cube neighbor and in a voice THAT I CAN HEAR.


Anyway… we worked fast and furious yesterday on something that was due in New Mexico today. Which meant we had to Fed-Ex it last night. And we hadn’t even gotten the final edits back until 3:30. So at 4:00, we get an email that says the due date has been pushed to the 19th.


It’s like when you see a balloon deflate…all the air just went out of me.

I picked up Sweetie Boy last night who was in a great mood and so happy to see me. We went to his favorite place – Applebee’s – and had dinner. He ate his entire corny dog and I had the chicken fajita wrap. It was yum.

Then after I dropped him off, I actually sat down…and finished the edits on chapter one of MAGIC. It’s done! I’m so happy. I printed out two and three to work on today as I get time. My personal deadline for getting the partial in the mail is May 25. I want to get that puppy to the editor before her memory starts to fade.

Plus I have more edits on the second season of Ransom & Fortune to get done and back to the editor at Inara.

And then there’s the little matter of finishing the follow-up to Talk Dirty To Me. I need to get cranking on that! But I so want to get MAGIC polished and finished. You know…just in case. Not that they’ll ask for the full but it would be nice to think they will.

Gotta get to work. Have much to do again today and…IT’S LOST NIGHT!


By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.