Spare Time

Do I have any? LOL Well in my spare time I like to, of course, read. And then I like to cross-stitch. But this seems to be a winter activity for me. I guess when it’s 105 outside, it’s not as fun to sit on the couch and stitch. I do the counted and sometimes it’s really, really hard. But it’s always fun. This time, I may have bitten off more than I can chew on this current project. It’s HUGE. I mean like ginormous. I’m doing a fairy. It looks like this: Isn’t that gorgeous? My fabric is 36 inches wide to make sure I have enough for how large this is. I’m doing 36-ct which is, um, really tiny to say the least. And I’m stitching on linen which makes it even more challenging. But I really think it’s going to be beautiful when I’m doing. However, I don’t have a scroll frame big enough to put the fabric on. Or I should say I didn’t. I talked my husband into making one for me that was as wide as the fabric. It’s the world’s largest scroll frame. I told you it was big. But I can attach it to my floor stand and then stitch without having to hold the frame. It’s sooo cool! Of course I’m only excited about this. No one else probably will be. LOL So what do you do in your spare time?

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Weddings and Cabins

I confess. I DVR’d the Royal Wedding. I guess I don’t watch as much TV as everyone else, because the over-coverage of the wedding hasn’t annoyed me. I had to look it up to find out when it was on so I could record it. I don’t watch much “live” TV anymore on the regular channels (I record my favorite shows and the fast-forward through the commercials) and my other favorite shows are on cable channels. So I’ve missed that part of it. I am very much looking forward to seeing her dress and shoes, though. 😀 Not much else going on in my world but I did finish stitching “Moonlit Cabin” on 18 count midnight blue Aida cloth. Isn’t it lovely? (You can click on the picture to get a bigger version and see the detail.) I’m very pleased with the outcome. I love the way the light shimmers on the snow and the way the snowbanks curve around the dark water. And the sky! That was my favorite part to do because it was all half stitches and it took me no time at all ti stitch that part. We debated over whether the french knots in the sky are stars or snowflakes. I think they’re supposed to be snow flakes. Either way, I always have a hard time doing french knots. They’re not my favorite stitch, that’s for sure. In case you’re wondering, this is my husband’s birthday gift (his bday is next month). I finished it early! It took…

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