Gardening is not my forte…but I’m trying

It’s been a really long time since I’ve had a blog post. Sorry about that. Things have been busy and even though I have a lot of things I want to blog about, they are not really all that interesting. No one really wants to hear about my lousy work day. 😉 I don’t consider myself having a green thumb. It’s mostly brown. I kill things. I’m the only person I know who has been able to kill a bamboo and an aloe vera (and almost an ivy). You know, the plants that are mostly impossible to kill? Yeah, that’s me. A couple of years ago, the husband and I removed holly bushes from the front of the house. They were a litter box for the neighborhood cats and I was tired of smelling cat pee when I go to the front door. Anyway, in their place, we planted rose bushes. They’re actually doing really well! These are the knock-out roses. I transplanted a little piece of the rosebushes we have in the backyard to the front. I was pretty sure I’d killed it, but turns out I didn’t! I’ve been wanting wisteria for some time but wasn’t sure how to grow it. I couldn’t find seeds either. Then this spring, I found some at the garden center of the local home improvement store. I was pretty excited! So I bought it. We got it planted this weekend along with a new trellis so it has something to climb. All…

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Flowers for #sytycw15

So my husband rocks. Do you know why? Because not only is he my biggest fan, he’s the president of my fan club. Just kidding. I don’t have a fan club. Yet. He truly IS my biggest fan and he supports me 100%. He believes in me when even I don’t believe in me. He is incredible. When I hit the Top 55, guess what he did? He sent me flowers. Really gorgeous ones, too. I mean…LOOK: They smelled really good too. I think he sent them because I burst into tears like a weakling when I called to tell him I’d made the cut. Fast forward to a week later and guess what? I made the Top 25. He sent roses. Again, I think he sent them because I, again, burst into tears like a dumb girl when I called to tell him I’d made it into the Top 25. Here’s the thing, though. Not many people at the office know I’m a writer. Nor do they know what kind of writer or that I’m in this contest. So when people came by my office and asked what the roses were for, I’d smile sweetly and say, “Oh…Just cause.” Because who wants to explain the whole story to someone who is practically a stranger? Hey, I learned my lesson about telling people at work about writing. Some get it and think you’re a rock star. Some think you have this weird sexual private life. So yeah. I just keep…

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