Inkwell Guest: Vicki Batman and Fruitcake

Hello, my beautiful readers! Please welcome the fabulous and lovely Vicki Batman to the blog! She’s here to talk about fruitcake and the holidays. Holidays are Joyful… Especially with Fruitcake! Weather. It can be great or crappy. And this past weekend’s ice storm proved the crappy part. ¼ inch can paralyze our city. Fortunately, there’s the highway department and city’s sanding crews… But why so morose, Vicki? It’s just weather, and we have it everywhere. Well…it threatened to spoil my holiday fun. For the past long time years, I have traveled to a small town for their annual Christmas Candlelight Home Tour. The homes are decorated in period style (usually Victorian), and that’s way cool. The town boasts 150 historical markers. Once upon a time, it was a very big city. Then the railroad came and the waterway was ruined…. It nearly died until a group of ladies from the garden club pulled together the home tour. I truly cherish these trips with my galpals. This time together kicks off my holiday season! We oohed and aahed over the houses, eat great meals, stay in a bed and breakfast, shop ’til we drop, and gab like maniacs over everything (like last year when we decided our heroes are handymen!), staying up way past a decent bedtime. So what are your holiday traditions? I love the holidays so much, I write Christmas stories almost every year. This year is the debut about a much maligned holiday treat, “The Great Fruitcake Bake-off.” Here’s…

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