Been a while!

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my poor neglected blog. Life has thrown me some crazy curve balls lately but that’s okay! I’m still here and kicking. I’ll get through it all. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading on self-publishing. I’m learning a lot. One of the things I’ve learned is to not spread yourself too thin when it comes to social media posts. And so I’ve decided to put the blog on official hiatus and focus all my social interaction on Facebook and Instagram. I’m also in the process of building my newsletter list and respond to all emails from readers. If you want to interact with me directly, signing up for my newsletter is the absolute best way. Of course, I’ll continue to post updates here of upcoming releases and other book news. But you’ll see it first if you’re a subscriber to my VIP Reader’s list. 😉

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Parenting and the Dangers of Social Media

As a parent, I want to protect my son from everything bad. But I also know I can’t possibly do that when there are so many outside forces surrounding him. School life, friends, social media. But something happened recently I think all parents of tweens and younger need to know about. People, it is NOT okay to give your young children smartphones. I get you may want them to have a phone to get in touch with you. But does an 8-year-old really need an iPhone? Or even as 12-year-old for that matter? No. And I’ll tell you why. My son is 12. He’s a little on the young side for his grade (7th). However, he’s very smart and when he was tested to see if he was ready for kindergarten, the school said okay even though his birthday is right on the edge of the cut-off. He’s in AP classes and aside from a little laziness, he’s does really well in school. He’s even overcome some of his more difficult socialization situations. He’s in theater and his first play. He has friends. He’s a very sweet boy. So when he told me one of his classmates opened a Facebook and Instagram account as him, using a picture of him and spreading lies about him, I was instantly upset. He was very upset as well. As he should be. I found the Instagram account. The profile picture is of my son but it was clearly taken with a cell phone…

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