Werewolves In London

Inkwell Guest: Karilyn Bentley

Hey, everyone! Today I’m pleased to host fellow Plotting Princess, Karilyn Bentley at the blog. She took time out to do an interview with me regarding her latest release, Werewolves in London. Welcome, Karilyn! When did you know you wanted to be a writer? And how did you get your start? I used to make up stories a lot as a kid, but stopped doing it the older I got. Then one day, about 12 years ago, I was sitting in my cube at work and thought, I’m tired of this. I want to work from home. What can I do at home? What about write? So I put down a story that had been going around in my mind. It’s currently hiding in a box under a box in the closet, but it gave me the desire to write. I got my start by entering the Got Wolf? contest The Wild Rose Press had in 2008. Out of all the entries, they took the top 6 and mine was #4. My story, Werewolves in London, was printed in the Got Wolf? anthology, which was released in 2009. It’s now being re-released as a stand alone novella. <g> Where do you find your inspiration? I’m not sure. The characters pop into my head and my job is to figure out a story for them. Sometimes the first line of a story pops in for a visit, but often those first lines go nowhere. At least not yet. 🙂 What is…

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